Andromeda Metals Secures Partnership with IberoClays for Kaolin

Andromeda Metals Secures Partnership with IberoClays for Kaolin

Andromeda Metals has successfully finalised a strategic agreement with IberoClays SLU to provide high-quality kaolin products from its Great White project in South Australia to the Mediterranean market. Under the terms of the agreement, Andromeda will deliver 8,000 wet metric tonnes (wmt) of kaolin during the first year, followed by a consistent supply of 10,000–20,000 wmt annually for the initial five years.

The destination for these products is the Port of Castellón in Spain, where they will be distributed across key markets, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey, for applications in ceramics and construction. This collaboration comes at a critical juncture in the global kaolin market, marked by ongoing geopolitical disruptions and the depletion of traditional high-quality sources.

Consequently, there is a surge in demand and pricing for high-quality kaolin suitable for use in ceramics.

IberoClays CEO Alberto Piquer González stated, “The emergence of the Great White project as a new supply source is timely, and its products complement our portfolio of advanced formulations for high-quality porcelain tiles, slabs, and ceramic glazes. Furthermore, it presents the potential to create a new market for kaolin as a high-performance additive capable of decarbonising concrete.”

Andromeda has strategically positioned itself to meet global demand for kaolin products through various agreements, including recent partnerships in India and China. To strengthen its focus on the Great White project, the company has divested non-kaolin assets such as the Drummond gold project in Queensland and the Moonta and Alford copper-gold projects in South Australia.

Andromeda’s Managing Director and CEO, Bob Katsiouleris, emphasised the significance of partnering with IberoClays, a renowned leader in ceramic tile formulations.

He stated, “This collaboration validates the high-quality nature of our kaolin products from the Great White project, and Andromeda aims to explore additional opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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