Metso Unveils Innovative Modular Magnetic Separation Plant Units

Metso broadens magnetic separation devices portfolio

Metso, a prominent player in the mining process technology sector, has launched a new line of modular magnetic separation plant units aimed at achieving high recovery rates and simplified operations.

In contrast to traditional delivery methods, Metso’s modular plant units offer the fastest time-to-volume, thanks to extensive pre-fabrication conducted in a controlled workshop environment. This approach significantly reduces the need for on-site work, enhancing installation safety, speed, and overall quality.

Metso’s Vice President of Plant Solutions, Alex Lagerstedt, expressed enthusiasm about this development, stating, “As the industry leader in mining process technology and modularity, we are excited to launch the magnetic separation plant units. Besides easy installation and maintenance, the scalable units have been designed to provide unrivalled selectivity, resulting in high recovery of fine and ultrafine particles.”

These modular plant units come with a versatile scope to cater to the specific requirements of end customers or engineering, procurement, and construction management teams. They can be equipped with OKTOP feed tanks, slurry pumps, hoses, and valves, and integrated with process control systems and various ancillary products and sampling systems.

Metso’s introduction of the modular magnetic separation plant units complements its existing range of advanced magnetic separation equipment. Peter Jansson, Product Manager for Magnetic and Physical Separation at Metso, noted, “Metso’s high-gradient magnetic separator portfolio offers a wide array of processing options for various particle sizes and applications, spanning from iron ore concentrates, rare earth ores, battery materials, and industrial minerals to tailings recovery. Integrating these magnetic separators into plant units results in flexible and efficient flowsheets.”

Metso has also been expanding its presence in the United States, Germany, and Finland, underscoring its commitment to advancing mining technology and meeting the evolving needs of the industry.