Mineral Exploration Concessions

mineral exploration concessions

The exploration is carrying out work on the ground or subsoil, in order to discover, delineate and define areas containing deposits of mineral substances, through technical and scientific research, such as geological, geophysical, geochemical and others, including digging, sample analysis and metallurgical testing, design, construction of roads and other means of access for this purpose.

To apply for an exploration concession for mining purposes should submit the original of the application along with five copies duly signed and initialed on each page by the applicant. The original bears a stamp of Internal Revenue two pesos (RD $ 2.00) and specifies the instance:

  • Name, nationality, address, occupation, number of Personal Identification Card of the applicant or agent, who will display the appropriate Special Power. If it is a legal person, deposit the documents proving their existence being a foreigner shall meet the requirements established in Article 110 of the Act 146.
  • Name to be granted.
  • Place to house, indicating province, municipality, section and site.
  • Description of the starting point necessarily to be found in or near the perimeter of the concession, determining the direction and distance of the undoubted reference point and fixed, this distance is not less than fifty (50) nor more than five hundred meters ( 500) feet, shall be visible from each other. The reference point should be related to three or more visual characteristic topographic points towards the site and/or triangulation points if any in the region, or by defining this benchmark so technically acceptable for it to be replaced in case of disappearance.
  • The number of mineral acres within the limits specified in this law.
  • An outline of the kind of exploration work carried out initially, or minerals indicating that seeks to explore.
  • Three or more references to the moral, technical and economic capacity of the applicant.
  • Names of the concessions and concessionaires adjacent if any, and;
  • Name of the owner and occupants of the soil.

In the application, the petitioner added:

* The level of grant requested in an original and five (5) copies of the data in the previous article, except subsections Nos. 6 and 7 raised in scale from 1:5,000 to 1:20,000, indicating north astronomical magnetic or perimeter of the concession in solid lines, adjoining concessions and dotted lines outline fundamental topographic details such as rivers, peaks, cliffs, roads, streams, lakes, and the topographical feature clearly fisionomice requested region.

* A copy of the 1:50,000 topographic map indicating the geographical location of the concession area, specifying the name, number, issue number and corresponding leaves. In the absence of these topographic maps in the region or unavailable, you can attach an orientation map indicating the location of the concession in the Dominican Republic.

* Two (2) receipts for payment of Internal Revenue Collections ten pesos (RD $ 10.00) to cover the payment of the registration of franchising in the Directorate General of Mines and its publication in the Official Gazette. If the concession is granted, these values will be considered admissible expenses.

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