TECO Powers Sustainable Progress in Mining

Powering sustainable progress with TECO

As global demand for raw materials continues to rise, mining operations in Australia and New Zealand have the opportunity to enhance productivity while adopting advanced environmental and safety standards. This evolving landscape necessitates reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions capable of thriving in the industry’s most demanding conditions.

TECO Australia and New Zealand is at the forefront, offering exceptional products and services that help mining operations not only meet but exceed these challenges.

TECO provides a comprehensive range of high-quality, low, and medium voltage motors, from fractional kilowatts (kW) to 22,000 kW. These motors, including the TECO MAXe3 Mining motors, are engineered for high efficiency, optimizing energy utilization and resulting in significant energy and maintenance savings over their lifespan.

The TECO MAXe3 Mining motor is specifically designed to withstand the harshest mining environments. With precision cast iron construction, Class H insulation rated at 180°C, and an IP66 protection rating, this motor guarantees reliable performance in extreme conditions. Its totally enclosed fan-cooled design and robust build allow it to endure high ambient temperatures and prevent dust and water ingress, extending its operational life.

The TECO MAXe3 Mining motor also features a typical temperature rise below Class E (≤75°C), with a 1.2 service factor at 40°C ambient, making it highly efficient and durable. This motor is engineered to optimize energy utilization, providing significant savings throughout its lifespan and ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

The TECO MAXe3 Premium Severe Duty motors, designed with robust cast iron construction, Class F insulation, and IP66 protection, ensure reliable operation even in harsh conditions, reducing downtime and maintenance, thus enhancing overall productivity.

All TECO MAXe3 motors include the patented TECO grease relief system. This system allows motors to be greased while in operation, and the flow-through design ensures that once clean grease is observed in the discharge chute, the unit is fully greased and can continue operating until the next scheduled maintenance.

TECO’s innovative solutions, such as the TECO Pro 3200 Portable Motor Monitoring system, offer advanced diagnostics and real-time monitoring of motor health. This enables proactive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and extending equipment lifespan. Automation solutions further streamline operations, improving efficiency and productivity.

TECO Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) are integral to TECO’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency. These drives provide precise control over motor speeds, significantly reducing energy consumption and operational costs. The VSDs, such as the TECO A510s Advanced Current Vector Control Drive, feature seven control modes integrated into one drive, 200 percent at 0.5 hertz (Hz) starting torque, and built-in Modbus RTU via RJ45 port, ensuring superior performance and flexibility.

The TECO F510 Fan and Pump Drive includes advanced network functions for building automation, an automatic energy-saving function, and ultra-low motor noise using soft PWM technology. These drives ensure smooth, controlled starts and stops, reducing wear and tear on equipment and enhancing overall efficiency.

Safety is a critical concern in the mining industry. Equipment must be reliable and meet stringent safety standards to protect workers and ensure regulatory compliance. TECO emphasizes safety in its product design. The TECO MAX-Ex IE3 Flameproof motors, for example, hold dual certifications (IEC Ex and ATEX) and are designed for hazardous environments, ensuring maximum safety for mining operations. These motors meet rigorous safety standards, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. TECO also holds local certification to upgrade MAXe3 motors to IEC Ex standards, ensuring short lead times for any item not already in stock.

TECO’s commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices positions the company as a key partner in the mining industry. By providing solutions that enhance energy efficiency, operational reliability, and safety, TECO Australia and New Zealand supports the industry’s move towards sustainable and cost-effective mining practices.

TECO’s solutions are designed not only to meet the current demands of the mining sector but also to adapt to future challenges, ensuring that mining operations can continue to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With TECO, you can trust in industry-leading performance, reliability, and a commitment to sustainable practices.