Discoveries Unveiled by Spartan Resources at Never Never Deposit

Spartan discovers ‘exceptional’ intercepts at Never Never

Spartan Resources, a gold exploration company, has made some incredible discoveries at its Never Never deposit, which is part of its flagship Dalgaranga gold project in Western Australia. These findings have sparked a lot of interest because they show that Never Never might be one of the most important gold discoveries in Australia in recent years.

Located about 475km northeast of Perth and 65km northwest of Mount Magnet, the Dalgaranga gold project has been a focus of Spartan Resources for some time. But it’s the recent findings at the Never Never deposit that have caught people’s attention.

In simple terms, when Spartans drilled into the ground, they found really good amounts of gold at some pretty deep levels. For example, they found:

  • A section of ground about 11.55 meters deep that contains a whopping 36.77 grams of gold per tonne.
  • Another part is about 13 meters deep with 25.82 grams of gold per tonne.
  • And yet another about 11.04 meters deep with 11.69 grams of gold per tonne.

These results are remarkable because they show that there’s a lot of gold in the ground at Never Never, and it’s at levels deeper than they previously thought. Simon Lawson, who’s in charge of Spartan Resources, said, “Never Never is turning out to be one of the most important gold discoveries in Australia in recent times.”

He’s excited because the area where they’ve found gold seems to be getting bigger and deeper. They’ve found gold almost 850 meters below the surface, which is like stacking three Eiffel Towers on top of each other!

One of the holes they drilled, called DGDH052, went down 170 meters below where they thought the gold stopped, and they still found loads of gold there. This tells them that the gold might extend even further down, which is exciting for them.

Lawson also mentioned that they keep finding big amounts of gold, even at these deep levels. He’s amazed because usually, it’s rare to find gold so deep underground, and it’s even rarer to find as much as they have.

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In short, Spartan Resources’ recent discoveries at the Never Never deposit show that there’s a lot of gold in the ground, even deeper than they thought. This is exciting for them and anyone interested in the gold mining industry in Australia.

Who knows what they’ll find next?