Vocus Boosts Mining Connectivity to the Stars

Vocus, a big telecom company, just unveiled something cool that could change how mining works in Australia. They figured out a way to make internet in remote areas as fast as the city, using satellites!

Picture this: there’s a mine out in the middle of nowhere, doing its thing. Suddenly, there’s a fire nearby that damages the stuff that keeps them connected to the world.

Before, if something like that happened, the mine would be in big trouble, losing money and not being able to communicate properly. But now, thanks to Vocus, they don’t have to worry as much.

Vocus set up this super-fast internet using satellites from both Vocus and Starlink. So even if something goes wrong with one, the other kicks in to keep things running smoothly.

This new internet setup is like having a huge highway just for the mine’s internet, but instead of using only one lane at a time, they use all of them at once. That means everything runs much faster and smoother, even if there’s a lot of stuff happening online at the same time.

One mining company, Heathgate Resources, tried out this new setup. They used to have really slow internet as a backup, only two megabytes per second.

But with Vocus’ new system, they can get up to 1.3 gigabytes per second downstream and 200 megabytes per second upstream. That’s a massive improvement!

So, when the fire hit and damaged their old connections, Heathgate didn’t miss a beat. They kept on working without any problems, thanks to Vocus’ fast and reliable internet.

But it’s not just mine that can benefit from this. Vocus can set up this kind of internet on moving vehicles too, like trucks or machinery.

So even if they’re in the middle of nowhere, they can still stay connected to the world. The folks at Vocus are pretty excited about this.

They say it’s a game-changer for Australia, especially for industries like mining that need to be connected all the time. And they’re not wrong – this kind of internet could make a huge difference for businesses in remote areas, keeping them running smoothly no matter what.

So if you’re in the mining industry, or any industry that relies on staying connected in remote places, this is something to keep an eye on. With Vocus’ new bonded satellite internet, the sky’s the limit for how fast and reliable your internet can be, no matter where you are.

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